Montag, März 26, 2007

Meine Pappenheimer!

CCA: "Begrüssungstext"
FvB: "..."
CCA: "Hallo?"
FvB: "Hello? Do you speak english?"
CCA: "AH, Misses Boedefeld. How are you?"


CCA: "Hello? Misses von Boedefeld? Or someone else?"
FvB: "Yeah, yeah, its me - but how did you know?"
CCA: "Oh, i have no idea. But somehow i was expecting it. And there are not so many customers who only speak english"


Jaja, die Frau Boedefeld... die bereits fragte, ob ich n Schwarzer bin (sic), wieso ich so gut Englisch spreche, und die mir aus der Hand frisst, seitdem ich ihr auf den Vorwurf "You sold me a broken fridge!" (nach 8 Monaten einwandfreier Funktion) rundheraus verkündete:

"Oh please, Misses Boedefeld, give me a break on that one. Things break down, thats why we have a warranty. Things break all the time - cars, computers, fridges. I am trying to help you, we are trying to fix it. Can we carry on now?"

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